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One: Changing the World from the Inside Out

All the problems in the world are generated by viewing issues as separate and unrelated. “One” turns that on its head and creates a challenging new paradigm for our time. What would be different if we viewed everything as related and connected? Drawing on ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science, “One” builds an alternative way of looking at the world – one that sets humankind up to deliver on its true potential.

What is your part in this journey? What is your life purpose? What would a fulfilling life look like for you and how could you begin to create that today? “One” provides perspectives and exercises to shed light on these questions and more to enable you to ascend to the apex of Maslow’s hierarchy: self-actualisation.

If we wait for governments and organisations to act, it will be too late.
The future is in your hands.
Will you step up to the ultimate challenge of our time: self-leadership?
Will you change the world from the inside out?

I feel more capable of looking at how I interact with other people and how I act in certain situations, and by being more self aware, can actually make steps to change things for the better.

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