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Dave’s Story

“Until a few weeks ago I was the Vice President of a Global Investment Bank. I had some leadership coaching with Noj to enable me to deliver my true potential in role, but I was also grappling with some personal decisions as my life was approaching a crossroads. Noj gave me the original transcript of “One” to read to help me with my decision-making process.

The book and Noj’s coaching enabled me to gain more personal clarity on what future direction I wanted my life to take. It prompted some pretty tough, but necessary, self-evaluation and eventually I came to my decision. I communicated with presence and conviction that I wanted to return to my home overseas with my pregnant wife and work part-time so that I could be there for the birth of my first child and gain more work/life balance. I am also considering starting up my own company.

That was about a month ago. Since then I have been stunned by what has happened. The company I currently work for has offered me the same role overseas, at the same salary, but only working 3 days a week. A different company I have worked with has two clients in my home country and offered me a part-time role to develop them. They also said I could take the company’s name and develop their portfolio if I wanted to, thus owning my own business franchise out there.

I am now in the process of deciding what option I will take up from the menu before me. I can personally testify to the power and effectiveness of the themes in “One”. I also feel more confident and centred about what is important to me and feel that I am on the road of a fulfilling life.”

I have managed to change my whole outlook.

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