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Book Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: The ‘One’ Perspective
    • Wake Up and Smell the New Coffee
    • The First Foundation of One: Everything is Related
    • The Second Foundation of One: Everything is Connected
    • The Third Foundation of One: Nature is the Greatest Power
  • Part 2: Unleash The Power
    • The Map
    • You Are a Transmitter
    • You Are a Receiver
    • Fierce Love: The Ultimate Resonance
    • Oneness
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Log
  • About the Author



The Unique Opportunity of our Time

We are at a unique point in history. In the West two generations have lived in peace for the first time ever. Unprecedented advances in technology have occurred. The demands on people who want to be successful are dramatically different now compared to any other stage in the evolution of our species. This brave new world comes with incredible possibility and potential, the likes of which we have never seen before.

It also comes with significant dangers. The evolution of our behaviour is lagging behind the evolution of the modern world with its emphasis on speed, technology and appearances. That is creating stress. If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will leap out. But if you put it in a pan of cold water and slowly heat it, the frog will stay put even when the water reaches boiling point. It is the same with us. Each imperceptible change that occurs does not seem too different from the last, but the heat is rising. We are in danger of being boiled alive unless we adapt and change too. The problem is that we look around us at all the other ‘frogs’ and think to ourselves, ‘It feels a bit hot, but they are still sitting in here, so it must be OK.’

But things are now getting out of control. ‘Modern life’ has been out of balance for too long and things are getting worse as the heat rises. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently predicted that the second highest contributor to disease burden in 2020 will be depression. Depression and its related cousin stress are our modern world’s boiling water and they are spreading like wildfire. If we can adapt and change our behaviour, we can leap out of the water before it boils and unleash the power of our true potential on the world. The prospective rewards for you are incredible.

The stakes are high. Front page headlines tell us that over a million children in the UK (that’s 1 in 10 between the ages of five and sixteen) have mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, anorexia and violent delinquency. We are also sitting in the midst of one of the earth’s great mass extinctions and global warming is not just a future theory, but a here and now reality. By 2020, the world’s population will have tripled in only one generation. This coincides with the WHO prediction of a huge increase in rates of depression.

We are poised at a high-risk decision point. This book is about awareness of the choices that now face us. In line with the advances in technology, some incredible discoveries are taking place, the potential implications of which are staggering. For the first time in human history the latest scientific understanding and ancient spiritual beliefs are beginning to collide. As a result we are approaching an important moment that will define a generation. As I write this, awareness of what is happening is limited, but the time has come for a landslide change in our perception of how the world operates.

This book comes in two parts. The first part explains the three cornerstones of this alternative perspective on the world along with examples and exercises to bring it to life. Developing awareness of this perspective gives a new context to our behaviour. Adopting this new paradigm is mankind’s next challenging step in the evolution of its species. The second part takes that perspective and makes it personal to you. It acts as a guide to unleashing the power of your true potential. Taking on this journey is the next challenging step in the personal evolution of your self. These two parallel journeys of self and society are inextricably linked. We are all in it together.

The main purpose of this book is to spread awareness. I am writing this book to be read by you – an adult whom I believe to be creative, resourceful and whole. I hold you and your points of view in high regard. You may agree or disagree with what is written here and that is fine. I just think you should be aware of what is happening so that you can make conscious decisions about how you want to live your life in this brave new world. This book is nothing without you. You will decide what you do with it and its message. You will determine what happens next.


I am not a great scholar and this book is designed to be readable rather than academic – rather like a chat we would have as friends. To that end this book will strive to adhere to the principle of simplicity. This book is intended to be a simple introduction to the new paradigm that anyone can understand. The main aim of this book is to spread awareness of what is happening for the good of individuals such as you, me and the rest of society.

I have had extensive experience working with people and organisations around the world. I have also backpacked around its edges. Along the way I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experiences from every corner of the globe. From the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the oldest rainforest in the world; from indigenous tribes to multinational corporations; from ancient wisdom to cutting-edge physics. This book will show you how they all interlink and it will share some of the world’s profound and inescapable truths.

There is too much in the world today that is great in theory, but of little use when it comes to real life. I believe that you want practical experiences to back up the theories. As a result, I promise that everything in this book is either a widely accepted fact or something I have witnessed in real life. I don’t have time for ideas that sound good, but don’t deliver the goods in the real world and I’m sure you are the same.

This book challenges many beliefs that are currently held about the way the world works and reveals why so many people are dissatisfied with the world at present. It also offers simple, pragmatic solutions that can enable you to unleash the power of your true potential. You may dramatically increase your personal happiness in the process of reading this book.

This book may well make you feel uncomfortable along the way. If it does, that is good – just be curious about why. Trying out new things is often accompanied by feelings of discomfort, but this discomfort inevitably leads to the greatest enlightenments. There will be many other people going through a similar journey. As you progress on this journey, you will start to meet them.

I am a coach and part of my role is to hold a mirror up to my clients in order to create self-awareness. I believe that with awareness comes 90% of the solution. Awareness is the platform for change. I intend this book to be a mirror for you so that you can become more aware of the way you operate and interact in the world. You may not like some of what you see. You may find that you are doing some things unconsciously because your parents did, your friends do or the people around you seem to demand it. Awareness of this will enable you to make some conscious choices about your future rather than living your life on ‘default’ settings.

To enable you to witness the reality of the book’s central themes, a series of questions and challenges are posed throughout. I invite you to take some time out from reading this book periodically to observe the world through the One perspective and experience the reality for yourself. It helps to write down your findings in a notebook as there is something about writing things down that is invaluable. It makes your thoughts become real in the world and allows you to look back with clarity when the pressures of life and the mists of time have obscured the truth of the moment.

You may start your notebook with capturing, on a scale of 1–10, how committed you are to trying something new. Be honest. A low score will indicate that this book is likely to be an interesting read at most. An authentic high score indicates that you may just change your life during the course of reading this book.

It’s all down to you.

You decide what happens next.

To read more, order a copy of the full book.

I’d just like to end by saying a massive thank you – it’s incredible it can have such an impact, but I am a totally different person now.

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