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About The Authors

Noj Hinkins (Author)

Noj’s love of variety and adventure has taken him to the seven continents of the world. From trekking in the Himalayas and kayaking through the brash ice of Antarctica to studying active volcanoes and traversing the deserts of Australia, he has come face to face with nature and indigenous people. The links and similarities between such a diverse range of habitats and people helped formulate the basic principles of the One perspective.

Noj works as a consultant and coach, facilitating leadership and team-building sessions for a diverse range of organisations including governments, schools, charities and corporations in Europe, the USA and Africa.

He is married with two children. In his spare time he enjoys being a dad, writing, trekking and ornithology.

Liz Blossom (Co-Creator and Editor)

Liz is passionate about people. From an early age she was fascinated by human behaviour and her degree in psychology developed this initial spark into a desire to understand what makes human beings successful in life. Liz has gone on to make a career as a coach and her purpose on a professional level is to enable people to fulfil their true potential. Doing this with with capable, courageous individuals and witnessing their exceptional results gives her real happiness and fulfilment.

On a personal level, Liz loves singing, travel and the ‘great outdoors’ and gets much of her energy from having adventures and new experiences. Her latest expedition was a husky sledding safari in the Arctic Circle. Liz has a husband and two young children with whom she loves to spend time, so creating a healthy work/life balance is very important to her.

Liz and Noj are partners of Iceberg Coaching, a business that delivers transformational ‘beneath the surface’ change to enable people and organisations to unleash the power of their true potential. Iceberg Coaching delivers both one on one coaching and team workshops, designed to invoke the power of One in you and your organisation. If you are interested, please get in touch.

I have started doing things I enjoy again – reading, music, sport.

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